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Unfortunately, the need for effective programs that deal with teen drug abuse, as well as young adult drug abuse, is growing stronger. A friend at church, a dad of two teenagers, recently asked me, “What’s the deal with all the news about teens and drug abuse and especially teen opioid addiction?” I responded, “When you see a rise in teens in pain and emptiness, you are going to see a rise in teen drug abuse, suicide and depression, as well as more centers that provide rehab for teens.” He then asked why it takes a residential treatment program to get a kid off drugs. I responded, “With some teen drug abuse you don’t need a residential program, but with others, it is vital.”

  • BCBSA’s 2018 Health of America Report shows teen depression diagnoses, 12-17, increased 65% since 2013. The increase in major depression diagnoses increased 37% in young adults, the millennial generation 18-35.

I’m Adrian Hickmon, the Founder and Director of Capstone Treatment Center in Arkansas. My wife and I know what it’s like to face an overwhelming, even life-threatening, situation with a child. I remember staying up way past midnight for months searching the internet for answers. After a year of failed attempts, I finally found a place that saved our child’s life. Ours was a confusing medical condition, and the Cleveland Clinic was the answer for us. If your need matches the level of care that we offer at Capstone, I hope we can be that answer for you.