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Capstone Treatment Center is a highly specialized behavioral health program that treats trauma, substance abuse, sexual compulsivity, family issues, behavioral problems, and co-occurring disorders. We are committed to maintaining a staff of the highest level of training, talent and integrity in order to keep our program at the highest quality of Christ-centered professional excellence. As a mission-focused program we constantly strive to keep our price at a level that gives access to our services to the most people.


The Program Fee is a set cash price for the 90-96 day program and can be paid out in four payments: Day 1, Day 31, Day 61, and any balance on Day 90. During the admission process, the responsible party for payment signs a “Financial Agreement” contract that obligates him/her for payment in full.

The majority of our young men graduate in the 90-96 day timeframe. In situations where it is necessary for a young man to stay longer the cost is calculated per diem at the daily rate.

In the rare event that a client leaves the program early any credit will be reimbursed to the responsible party at the daily rate minus a $2600 early withdrawal fee.

The Program Fee covers the following:

  • Daily treatment costs include therapy and living expenses: food, toiletries, bedding and towels.
  • After graduation, three months of weekly check-in calls with a Capstone therapist.
  • After graduation, One Family Reunion which includes individual, group, and family workshop sessions.
  • After graduation, the Relapse Prevention Tune-up, offered three to six months after graduation at quarterly intervals.

The Program Fee does not cover the $2000 Admission-Assessment Fee or incidental expenses including medications, physicals, hospital or doctor visits, neuropsychological testing, psychiatric evaluations and appointments, protein drinks, and books.


At Capstone Treatment Center, we do accept insurance; however, insurance is  on a  reimbursement basis only. Payment for Capstone’s services is entirely the responsibility of the client’s family, or in rare cases, the client himself.  Insurance filing is a courtesy service.  We will gladly provide you with complete information on the filing process and assist you accordingly.

There is no guarantee that any given insurance company will pay out benefits, therefore the Capstone fee agreement of four payments must be followed (Day 1, Day 31, Day 61 – and any balance on Day 90).  Insurance reimbursements received during treatment will be applied to this payment process.

Call us today at 866-729-4479 or email, and one of our insurance specialists will assist you with verifying your insurance benefits and explain the filing process.


Financing is also an option to cover all or part of the cost of treatment. Financing may be available through Prosper Health Care Lending which is separate and apart from Capstone Treatment Center. You may apply online below.

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If you or a loved one would like more information about Capstone Treatment Center, please call us today at: 866-729-4479 for a free phone consultation or email: