Many Christian parents do not pursue professional help for their children because they don’t want a treatment or therapy experience that could possibly undermine their beliefs. A valid concern for sure. Numerous Capstone parents have told us that they used search phrases like “Christian residential treatment centers,” “Christian drug treatment centers,” “faith-based residential treatment centers” and so on, looking for the right fit for their child.

Some parents want the Christian atmosphere so badly that they send their child to a place with genuine Christian people and a strong Christian spiritual experience, only to regret it afterward because the level of expertise in doing effective treatment on their child’s problems is poor. It would be like needing heart surgery or cancer treatment and choosing a Christian physician because he or she is a Christian, even when the skill level is well below average. That would be a bad decision.

Capstone – A Christian Treatment Center

Capstone was established so a family can have both. Capstone is truly a Christian treatment center, but one that has a level of professional excellence and expertise that is second to none. Every aspect of Capstone reflects Jesus Christ, but He is never forced on anyone. It is not a church camp, but instead it’s a place where kids are loved, believed in, worked with and fought for. We know God created that boy or young man with gifts and purposes, and He did so knowing that he would struggle and need to go through Capstone. In battling and overcoming those struggles, God knew he’d grow a deeper connection to his family and God, discover some of his gifts and spark his heart for a purpose for which he has passion. We call them grace-powered comebacks!

Capstone is not affiliated with a specific church, but instead just simple Christianity. The focus is spiritual growth toward a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, not religiosity. We accept clients where they are in their beliefs, from atheist to devout Christian, and work to cultivate spiritual growth through truths that will stand on their own without faith, including honesty, purity, humility, self-control and more.

Here are a few examples to show you how we live out our Christ-centered environment from our founder, Adrian:

Using Nature.

When seeing something beautiful in nature, I will often comment to a Capstone resident, “Ooh, that’s so beautiful. It is like a Remnant of the Garden” (of Eden). One youngster showed me a lizard one day and said, “Hey A, look at this lizard – it changes colors!” I looked at it and made a comment that I make often when I see something like that, something that makes me in awe. “Cool, wow. You know, it would be bad-hard to be an atheist when looking at something like that.” He responded, “Well, you know, I am an atheist.” I replied, “Oh yeah, OK, well, you have a 50% chance of being right. God either exists or He doesn’t, and what you or I believe has no bearing on it either way.” He said he had never thought of it that way.

Connecting to your teens.

One of the groups that I’ve done a few times over the years is titled, “How to Have the Greatest Sex in the World.” I always smile when I watch the boys’ faces when they enter the room. I tell them that we are going to do this group as atheists, so we have no religious doctrine to follow and no morality in our choices as far as our sexuality is concerned. All we are trying to discover is how to have the greatest pleasure possible in sex. We then look at the three primary approaches used in our culture.

First, pornography. After discussing some pertinent facts about porn use, I inform the group what’s down the road on this method: erectile dysfunction because you will reach a tolerance, just like with drugs and alcohol, that will make it impossible to find graphic enough porn to cause an erection, and loneliness because no real woman will ever be able to satisfy your porn fantasies in real life, so you will “do it” alone.

The second method is called the Cad, a sort of Charlie Sheen approach to picking up a different woman at a bar, taking her home, having sex and then doing it again next weekend with a different one. The end for this strategy is being empty because you never really experienced true love.

The third approach is long-term marriage, and I share the research data on this, as with the first two. Long-term married couples have twice the number of sexual encounters with each other compared to nonmarried couples, and twice the level of personal satisfaction per encounter compared to nonmarried couples. And I usually tag this line with it, “So, that pudgy middle-aged couple that sits on the second pew from the front that you’ve sort of laughed at before when thinking about this subject with them…you are going to have to rethink what’s going on at their house on Saturday night.”

The Christ-centered part of this is obvious but back-doored so it doesn’t hit much resistance. Long-term marriages happen to be the plan that is believed in by Christians.

Our Christ-Centered Approach.

Our Christ-centered focus brings the professional excellence factors together into a very powerful synergy. The heart of Capstone’s approach is this belief: “Every person is made in the image of God to love and to be loved at a core-to-core depth of intimacy with God, self, family and friends, and to use their unique gifts in meaningful purpose.” It is in the crucibles of struggle that God gives opportunities to grow and to develop deeper relationships, strengths and a passion for a purpose. Mysterious ways they are often called. Every Capstone staff member genuinely strives to join clients and their families in this journey.

Then our spiritual groups or worship groups on Sunday will be more specific and overtly a Christ-centered program using the Bible to look at principles that come from the Sermon on the Mount, the story of David and Goliath, certain Psalms, the old self vs. the new self, God’s love for us in sending his Son and so on.

Christ centered and professionally excellent. That is why Capstone is a special place!

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