Our Program

Capstone Treatment Center is a young adult and teen residential treatment and behavioral-care program. Professional excellence in a Christ-centered environment sets us apart from other residential treatment centers and is what makes us unique and effective. We help families with sons, teens and young adults ages 14-26 who struggle with a wide range of hurts, struggles and self-destructive behaviors:

  • substance abuse, including alcohol/drug addiction or compulsivity
    (65-70% of our young men have struggled with substance abuse. It is often difficult to tell the difference between young adult or teen addiction and compulsive use; however, both must be treated with the same intensity.)
  • problematic sexual behaviors including pornography/sexual addiction or compulsivity
  • trauma and its symptoms – self-harm, isolation, anxiety, self-sabotage, apathy
  • relinquishment and attachment issues
  • compulsivity in video gaming, internet, social media and technology
  • being bullied both physically and through social media
  • co-occurring disorders such as anxiety, depression, ADHD/ADD and PTSD
    * BCBS’s Health of America Report, released in May 2018, reported that diagnoses of major depression in 12-17-year-olds has risen 63% since 2013 – thus, the need for effective teenage depression treatment.
  • loneliness from a lack of connection with friends
  • behavioral and attitude issues: defiance, laziness, idleness, irresponsibility, entitlement
  • an inability to move forward in life in a healthy, successful and age-appropriate manner
  • family conflict: parent-child, siblings, marital
  • failure to launch and related issues
  • school and legal problems