Education Services

How does Capstone help clients with their education?

Capstone has a full-time Education Coordinator who helps facilitate education opportunities for our clients. He evaluates the clients and designs a plan to help them keep up academically. Recommendations are made to parents and clients on the steps to take to continue the learning process.

Our goal is to prevent the client from getting further behind in their education process and preserve academic status during treatment. The Ed Coordinator contacts the school personnel to determine if the family’s school district has a policy in place that will allow class assignments to be received and serves as the liaison between the client and the school district. If a school district does not have this protocol set up in their policy/procedures, we work to address assignments through an online source. The primary concern is to complete assignments that will be accepted by the school district and count toward graduation requirements. In cases where tutoring assistance is needed, the Ed Coordinator works with parents to set a plan and coordinate its implementation. The cost of the tutor is the parents’ responsibility.

Capstone organizes the plan and facilitates its place on the schedule so that each client has ample opportunity to get their assignments done if they are willing to do the work.