Therapy Formats

Individual Therapy

4 hours per week with personal therapist except for Trauma Intensive and Family Week Intensive, during which they are in group all week.

Group Therapy

20 hours per week, including day groups with many different therapists, night groups and Sunday spiritual groups.

Trauma Week consists of approximately 40 hours of group.
Family Week has around 15 hours of group.

Family Therapy

35-40 hours during Family Week, including 15 hours of multi-family group and 20-25 hours of individual family therapy with personal therapist.

1-hour check-in call per week from admission through graduation.

1-hour check-in call per week for 12 weeks after graduation with personal therapist (no charge for the aftercare calls). Even after the 12 weeks is over, our therapists and team remain available to our alumni.

If parents choose, for an additional fee, we offer a 3-day Sibling Intensive on the M-T-W of graduation week with your son’s personal therapist. Siblings do a therapy intensive like Family Week with their brother. Not only has this intensive helped our graduates, it has proven to be very helpful to the siblings and parents. Since the therapist must be taken off the daily schedule for 3 days, there is an extra fee for the Sibling Intensive of $3,600.

Capstone offers a “Family Tune-Up” 3 to 6 months after treatment (one every 3 months). This is a two-day experience to take inventory. All get to look at where they are in the process, what is working and what adjustments need to be made to the plan. The post-treatment growth is about traction in the right direction, and the Tune-Up allows each graduate and family to check their direction and adjust if needed as they continue to stick to their game plan. Parents and graduates stay at local hotels at night. Capstone provides lunch and snacks. There is no charge for the Tune-Up.

Every August we have a Family Reunion in Searcy. It is a multifamily group intensive weekend beginning on Friday evening and ending at lunch on Sunday. The highlight of the weekend is the “Sword Ceremony” where we present a replica of Aragorn’s Sword of the King from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Any graduate who has been on track with his life for two or more years post-graduation from Capstone is honored in this ceremony. They have metaphorically been their own ring bearer by carrying their “burden” – doing their work and changing their life’s direction for two years – and now they also become defenders of other ring bearers who are in earlier stages of the process. (There is no charge for the first Family Reunion.)

Trauma Therapy

Trauma therapy is woven into both group and individual sessions throughout the program. In other words, all our therapy is aimed at healing the core underlying issues. In addition, residents have plus or minus 40 hours of trauma therapy in Trauma Week.

Adventure Therapy

Mondays, except for Trauma Week and Family Week, are spent doing Adventure Therapy, mostly on our ropes course.

We also sometimes use our ropes course during the week in the group period.

Friday is off-campus Adventure Day, and strategically it falls under the umbrella of what we call Displacement Therapy. We go caving, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, hiking, trail biking and disc golfing. We teach the residents some “how-to” skills in these activities and hopefully plant seeds of what they can do post-graduation to displace the old behaviors that were hurting them with different activities. The old bad behaviors can’t just go away and be replaced by nothing or they will come back quickly. By finding new fun and fulfilling activities to be involved in, clients displace the old with the new.

Canine Therapy

Whether you are doing teen therapy, young adult therapy, adult therapy or geriatric therapy, canine therapy is just awesome and impactful! Capstone Canine Companion Therapy is a magical and unique part of Capstone’s program. Each client receives a registered Labrador retriever puppy when he first gets to Capstone, usually at admission, and when he graduates he takes the puppy home with him. The primary benefit is the relationship between client and puppy with additional benefits of learning responsibility, self-efficacy from the success with the puppy and a self-competency from the results of obedience training. I’ve been amazed at how much a Lab pup can learn at such a young age in such a short time, but I’m even more amazed at how strongly the pup can want to please its boy. That’s attachment, and it is the primary goal for our Canine Companion Therapy program.

Few dogs in America receive as much time and tender loving care from their owners as Capstone puppies, and few live in such a quality facility.

Exercise Therapy

Residents work out for 1 hour 5 days per week in Capstone’s state-of-the-art gym.

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