Weekly Schedule

Program sequencing is an important key to successful treatment. There are three aspects of sequencing: the big picture and the weekly and daily schedules by which the programming is delivered. Capstone carries out the goals of the overall program in such a way that each week’s objectives are built on the previous week’s experiences—while also preparing clients for the week to come. Young adult and adolescent brains are conditioned to get bored easily, so the weekly and daily schedules are fast-paced and varied to keep clients from stagnating in their growth.

Download a pdf of the full schedule.

  • 6:30

    Monday-Friday, everyone gets up, and it’s straight into puppy chores and breakfast.

  • 8:30

    On Mondays it’s the negotiation table or the ropes course. Tuesday-Thursday everyone has group therapy. And Fridays we always head off-campus.

  • 10:30

    We head for the ropes course on Mondays and individual therapy sessions Tuesday-Thursday before breaking for lunch at noon.

  • 12:30

    More ropes course on Mondays and individual therapy sessions Tuesday-Thursdays.

  • 3:00

    On Mondays, this is group processing time and Tuesdays-Thursdays schoolwork and reading.

  • 4:30

    Back to puppy chores.

  • 5:00

    Workout time in the gym before dinner at 6:15.

  • 7:30

    Time for group therapy except for Wednesdays –that’s movie night.

  • 8:30

    Free time and then journaling before lights out at 10:00.


    All Saturdays start with cleaning duties – cabins, kitchen and kennels. There’s structured time for work projects, more puppy chores and a movie.


    Sundays have worship time, supervised free time, structured activity time, extra puppy time, and parent visitation from 12-3.