During the time that a client and his family are going through the program at Capstone we tell both the sons and the parents that this is a long battle. We use the metaphor that graduation from Capstone represents tagging first base. The battle to get to second base, third base, and home plate usually takes about two years. Home plate represents the complete shifts in direction by both the sons and the parents from the old way towards the Wasteland of Ruin to the new way towards the Promise Land of Dreams. The primary goal is that the son has the inner man developed to the point he can take ownership of his direction and stay the course. While some sons make this paradigm shift in less than two years and others in more than two years the point is that this is a long and demanding battle and it cannot be done without God or a band-of-brothers group. This strategy is explained in Ecclesiastes chapter 6 in the section where it talks about "Two are better than one", and "a cord of three strands cannot be easily broken."

We believe that the Capstone approach is the most effective approach to fighting for the son. However it is a very different strategy than other treatment programs so the best resource for camaraderie and band-of-brothers people is found in Capstone graduate families. We want to keep in contact with you and provide you with helpful resources that will assist you in staying the course in the Capstone Game Plan.

Ruth Ann Rigby is heading up a group for our Mississippi families. This group focuses on supporting each other in maintaining traction in the right direction. This is open to all alumni and current Capstone families and sons. The group meets Sundays at 3:30 PM in room I221 at Broadmoor Baptist Church. For additional information contact Ruth Ann at 601-613-7088 or email her at ruthann@capstonetc.com.

Broadmoor Baptist Church
1531 Highland Colony Parkway
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