Capstone’s facilities are excellent! The big house is a 4,000 plus square foot rock and cedar lodge. The three-story facility currently houses therapists’ offices, the administrative offices, and two group rooms. It has a 1,250 square foot deck made out of Arkansas red cedar cut from our property. The cabins are also made out of red cedar and have big private showers, comfortable beds and front porches. The mess hall is a 1,600 square foot red cedar log building with state of the art kitchen equipment and excellent food. The office building has 10 therapist offices, the teacher’s office, school room, and the laundry. The 2500 square foot weight room is well-outfitted with state of the art exercise equipment. All of these facilities have central heat and air conditioning.

Safety: All Capstone Safety standards exceed the minimum standards in the industry. All outdoor activities are monitored by staff with Wilderness First Responder training, Wilderness First Aid training, CPR certification, and advanced ropes course training. Capstone uses stainless steel carabiners instead of aluminum, and replaces all ropes course and rappelling ropes sooner than the safety standards require. Our strict safety protocol is adhered to at all times.

The Capstone Campus Environment is calm, organized, and well-supervised 24/7, which creates a safe experience in activities as well as interactions with other clients and staff. Our protocol for supervision of clients is “eyes on 24/7” (except when the clients are in the bathroom); which means close supervision with calm confident staff members. The cabins are divided into a cabin for the older clients 18–24 and a second cabin for clients 14–17. There are two full time night staff in each cabin that do four bed checks per hour and personally ensure the safety, conversation, sleep, and behavior of the clients. Capstone’s facility is located in a low traffic area out in the country where the clients are protected from anyone being able to bring in drugs, alcohol, girls, etc.

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