The Finishing Phase begins after graduation. It is aimed at making a paradigm shift of the graduate’s life direction to one that is self-directed and self-maintained. This takes two years or more of following the Game Plan until this becomes a way of life. This phase includes follow-through therapy for the client and family, involvement in a 12-Step fellowship, and adherence to their Game Plan recommendations.

The 90-day plus treatment experience is imperative to success, but it is important to remember that in the big picture, graduation from Capstone is like getting to first base.
Going from first base to second, then third, then home plate takes approximately two years. It takes this long for the brain to heal and of reprogram itself. It also takes this long for the changes to become a lifestyle not just a temporary response. At Capstone, we want to walk alongside our graduates and graduate families during the toughest sections of recovery as we gradually help them to make a complete transition to being on their own.

The goal of the Finishing Phase of treatment is to complete therapy goals and practice the game plan until it becomes a basic lifestyle change that allows both the graduate and the family to live lives that are healthy, balanced, and fruitful. During the first part of this phase, Capstone assists the graduate and their family in the transition home in anchoring the family to the Game Plan. Working the Game Plan, which includes the contract, for two years, is the landmark to work towards. It is at this place where the Titanic turn in most graduates’ lives has reached a critical mass toward a 180 degrees turn from where it started at admission to Capstone. 

The objectives of the Finishing Phase include:

a. Adherence to the contract and game plan
b. Calling and asking for help when needed
c. Commitment to the 12 T’s
d. Tortoise on a triathlon mentality (slow and steady)
e. Completion of the game plan
f. Utilizing relapse prevention strategies as outlined in personal game plan book
g. Solidifying a support network with family, church, and a 12-Step Fellowship in order that works for the individual.
h. Continuing to grow in being their true selves and in understanding of their purpose
i. Weekly 50 minute phone check-ins with the client's Personal Therapist for 3 months after graduation
j. One Family Reunion each year in August, the first one free.
k. Two-day Relapse Prevention Tune Up at Capstone for client and his graduating cluster 3-6 months post discharge.
m. Parents are encouraged to buy quality drug testing kits from Capstone at wholesale prices and implement the screening protocol consistently.

At our annual Family Reunion, we use a part of the story of Lord of the Rings as a ritual or a right-of-passage for our graduates who complete their two years of being on track with their game plan. Graduates, who are in attendance at the reunion, and who have achieved this goal are honored in the “Sword Ceremony”.

In the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Mr. Frodo carries the burden of the One Ring which, for our purposes, represents the graduate’s addiction and battle for a healthy, balanced, and fruitful life.  Once a graduate has successfully carried his Ring for two years of healthy recovery, he not only continues to bear the burden of his own addiction, he also becomes a defender of other ring-bearers who are inside of their first two years.  As a symbol for this achievement and a rite-of-passage for this transition, Capstone presents a “Sword of the King” at the reunion.  Other graduates, who have in prior years received their sword, are sitting in a line in the middle of the room and the new recipient accepts his sword and takes his place in the group. It is a wonderful achievement and quite a special ceremony, but also very powerful step in the life-long journey of being healthy, balanced, and fruitful.

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