The Fundamental Phase focuses on the continuation of discovery, development of relationships, and ratchets deeper into the intensive therapy process on the core issues.

 Core Therapy Themes:

  1. Vulnerable Host / Addiction
  2. Capstone Core Concepts
  3. Sexuality – Sexual abuse / Sexual addiction / Healthy Sexuality / Arousal Template
  4. Trauma Week 1
  5. Trauma Week Processing / Family Week Preparation
  6. Family Week

The Fundamental Phase is core-therapy intensive and focuses on deepening the therapeutic process on the issues already discovered and, as others emerge, integrates them into the treatment plan. Clients are involved in 12-Step meetings at Capstone. The reason this phase overlaps with the Foundations Phase and, on the other end, the Formation Phase, is that core therapy is an ongoing work in progress. It is much like peeling the layers of an onion. You start with the one on the outside, the visible one, and work your way in to the core. Successful therapy at each layer is vital to health, so while the Foundation Phase may not get to the core, it peels necessary layers that are significant in their own right.  Most of the time the Fundamental Phase will get to the core, however, in Trauma Week II during the Formation Phase, a client often goes deeper in his core work with more discovery.

The objectives of the Fundamental Phase include: 

a.  Participation in Family Week and all of its components 
b. Willingness to take ownership of resolving past hurts- those done to him and the ones he’s caused others 
c.  Primary therapy issues are on the table for the client and family, and are being worked on productively 
d.  A game plan is being developed for dealing with each specific issue - client has a deeper understanding of how these issues have influenced his life and his addiction or addiction-in-the-making 
e.  Client is doing his therapy work in individual and group sessions, homework, participating in the fitting therapy approaches facilitated by his therapists including EMDR, journaling, etc. 
f. Compliant with staff and program guidelines, and beginning adherence to such. 
g.  An increase in self-initiative via participation in weight work out and becoming physically fit  
h.  Willingness to productively be confronted and to confront others in the group when needed  
i.  Taking good care of puppy and completing training requirements 
j.  Consistent behavior when with the day staff, as well as the night staff  
k.  Understand the underlying issues related to his involvement in the drug culture  
l.  Process family week and discuss related issues at a deeper level 
m.  Willingness to ask for help  
n.  Development of a working relationship with other clients and with their cluster 
o.  Developing new patterns of behavior  
p.  Continue to follow all safety and general guidelines set by staff  
q.  Initiate conversations with staff and clients 
r.  Have a deep understanding of what brought them to treatment and the drug culture and what it will take to get out  
s.  Be open to spiritual conversations and what role a relationship with God may play in their lives  
t.  Willingness to confront self when needed 
u.  Ownership of actions 


Family Week is the most significant week of the program and serves as the transition from the Fundamentals Phase to the Formations Phase. Parents stay in a hotel in Searcy, Arkansas and participate in over 35-40 hours of individual family therapy and multi family therapy Monday through Friday beginning at 8:00 am and ending at around 5:00 (or until finished) each evening. The basic itinerary follows:

Monday is called Big Monday because all of the Capstone Core Concepts that the clients have been learning are presented to the parents.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning the parents have a parent only session from 8:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m.

Tuesday morning the sons and the parents join together for a very important multi- family therapy session. 

Tuesday from noon till 5:00, Wednesday from 9:00 till 4:30, and Thursday from 9:00 till done, consist of individual family therapy beginning with the parents only and then adding the son to the sessions. 

Friday begins with a multi-family session and concludes with a parent-only “Game Planning” session on Friday afternoon. Game Planning begins the preparation to leave Capstone after graduation with a solid plan as well as a confidence in that plan. It also includes continuing to work on core therapy issues as well as making decisions about the future and work on the behavioral contract and overall game plan.

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