Judy Crane MS

Judy Crane MS

Judy Crane is an International speaker and trainer with an outstanding reputation as a premier expert on Trauma healing and training others in her extraordinarily successful model of trauma and addictions treatment. She has over 2 decades of experience working in both residential and out-patient settings. In 2003 she brought her years of specialized training and her distinctive insights on treating trauma and addiction to create The Refuge-A Healing Place. Under her leadership, The Refuge grew to become one of the foremost leaders in treating Trauma/PTSD and Addiction. In 2010 Judy was named NAATP’s CEO of the Year (National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers). 

She earned her B.A. at Rutgers, M.A. from New York Institute of Technology and is a Certified Addiction Professional in Florida, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, a Certified Hypnotist, EMDR and a specialist for healing trauma and PTSD. Judy Crane’s presentation and seminars on PTSD and sexual trauma resolution are known throughout the country.

Judy’s specialized training, experiential methods, and holistic concepts are now being provided in a 5-module training through Spirit2Spirit Trauma Healing. Upon completion professional therapists earn their Certified Trauma Therapist credential. Judy Crane has been able to put into practice her successful healing model for more than a decade.

Because trauma work is central to Capstone’s program, we hired Judy and her Spirit2Spirt team to come to Capstone and train our entire therapy team. The benefits to our team personally as individuals and teammates were immeasurable.  The growth of our program and the Capstone experience for our young men and their families has been life-changing.

Capstone and Judy Crane’s models were a natural fit. The Core Model of treatment at Capstone is rooted in the discovery and healing of core, underlying issues while resolving the symptoms. Judy believes that persistent addictions, chronic relapse and repetitive self-sabotage are often the result of unresolved trauma. She often says, “You have to unravel the trauma story to understand the addiction story and write the recovery story.”

As a Clinical Consultant for Capstone, Judy continually sharpens our therapy team with her expert case supervision, current research and inspiration to grow personally and professionally.  She is a huge blessing to our young men and their families.