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Thoughts From Our Founder on the Value of Our Program:

I was encouraged by a Capstone dad to get the word out on our website concerning what people get for their money at Capstone. His son had been a client at other treatment centers and he was comparing the value of the Capstone experience to his experience at these other programs.

This is a breakdown of what Capstone offers:

  • Capstone therapists average a 1 to 2 ratio to the clients so they can devote the necessary time, energy, and personal attention to their clients and families.
  • The family participates in over sixty hours of family therapy (most of which are with their individual therapist) which includes aftercare phone check-ins, Family Week, Family Retreat, Relapse Prevention Tune-ups, and the Family Reunion.
  • The client participates in 3 hours of individual therapy in Module Weeks and 6 hours in Individual Intensive Weeks.
  • The client participates in 20 hours of therapist-led groups in Module Weeks and 10 + hours in Individual Intensive Weeks.
  • The client participates in one hour of Canine Therapy per day with their puppy, seven days per week plus two thirty minute canine-care sessions; one in the morning and one in the evening.
  • The client participates in five workouts per week including cardio-weight lifting and aerobic conditioning.
  • The client participates in Adventure Therapy on the ropes course once a week.
  • The client participates in Outdoor Adventures each Friday as a part of Displacement Therapy. Activities include fishing, caving, rock climbing and rappelling, hiking, canoeing, and kayaking.
  • The client participates in a supervised three day solo experience.
  • Great meals every day prepared by Scott Hunt, our very own retired Navy Chef.
  • Participation in 12 Steps Groups on Capstone campus that are led by the older clients.
  • Each family, client and parents, participates in aftercare with a one-hour phone check-in per week for three months following graduation.
  • A therapy approach aimed at discovering the causes and addressing them in order to stop the symptoms instead of naming the symptoms only.
  • A tried and true aftercare plan: a two-year game plan aimed at a paradigm shift of the heart and a healthiness of the brain, all designed to provide the skills necessary to learn how to live a sober life that is healthy, fruitful, and fulfilling.


Adrian Hickmon Signature
Adrian Hickmon, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Capstone Treatment Center

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