Behavior and Attitude

The young men whom Capstone has worked with have each come with an individual set of problematic behaviors and attitudes, and they come in many forms, but they are all the part of the iceberg that is visible above the waterline. One of the strengths of Capstone is that we see all these as equally destructive. Some are faster in their destruction than others, but they all take away the life’s dreams of the boy and the joy of the family. We call these behaviors and attitudes the “Eruptions,” and we know that they are all driven by the “Core” in the same way that volcanic eruptions are driven by the magma core underneath.

  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Pornography and sexual acting out
  • Compulsive videogaming
  • Toxic relationships
  • Social media compulsivity
  • Self-harm and depression
  • Defiance and rebellion
  • Apathy and passive aggression
  • Exploding and imploding anger
  • Disrespect and belligerence
  • Self-sabotage and toxic shame
  • And more…