Defining the Problem

Let me explain the framework of the Core-Systems Model to give us a common language to effectively define the problem. This is vital information for you to know as you are making decisions on how you are going to help your son.

When many, maybe most, of you have contemplated your situation, you’ve asked yourself, “What’s the problem we are trying to solve?” You probably find yourself answering by naming a singular problem, for example: poor decisions, got with the wrong group, his addiction, his trauma or his ADHD. But, point of fact, it’s not a single problem; it’s a systemic problem. Multiple parts interacting to make a whole that is actually bigger than just the sum of the parts. In other words, there is a synergy that the parts gain from the systems they are a part of. Let me explain.

You are up against a core-systems problem, a multi-front battle, not a linear problem like “just addiction” or “just poor choices” or “just the healing of a specific trauma.”

The Core-Systems Model looks at three interconnected systems that must be faced with equal intensity and success. They are like one war with three battlefronts…

  • The struggle is never found just in one battlefront and not in the other two.
  • The solution is never found only in one battlefront and not in the other two.
  • Lasting improvement in one battlefront cannot happen and last without improvement in the other two.
  • You cannot regain your life and dreams without success in all three battlefronts.

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