Second Order Change

There are many different approaches to success whether in relationships, business, sports, life-struggles, and yes even therapy. The "rabbit-on-a-hundred-yard-dash" or “quick-fix” approach is the choice of popular culture, and what any of us would want in the midst of difficulties. It promises a quick fix but it never delivers. When dealing with a young adult or adolescent with and addiction or compulsion, it is normal for parents and loved ones to want the problem solved quickly. But the quick fix approach leads to a disaster.

Fighting and winning this battle is not like a 180 degree jet ski turn. More accurately, this battle is like a 180 degree turn of the Titanic. The “turn” we are fighting for is a 180 degree paradigm shift in direction that will result in a young man walking down the road of Light by his own choice. It takes two years for the brain to make most of that turn.

The winning strategy has to be understood by parents or they set themselves up for failure. Another simple analogy that has helped some parents is the difference between a pine tree and an oak tree. Pine trees grow fast, require a small space, and need little cultivation. In a relative short period of time, they are full grown. Oak trees are very different. Their vast root system needs more space, nutrition, and water. Oak trees require a lot of cultivation, especially when they are young. Growth is slow. But, in the storms that hit during the test of time, pine trees break while oak trees stand!

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